Changes in Global economy in the past 30 years

Assignment 1  (Individual)

Course: MGMT 401 Global Business                        Total Marks: 5

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Changes in Global economy in the past 30 years
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Date Published: Sep. 12, 2021                                  Deadline: Saturday Sep. 18, 2021

Submission: Online (Blackboard)


Answer the following Questions in YOUR OWN WORDS.

Q 1: With reference to the textbook, Internet, as well as personal observation, summarize the major changes in world economy that took place over the last 30 years. (3 marks)


Q 2: Describe the implications or effects (positive and negative) of the shifts you described in Question 1 on Saudi businesses? (2 marks)


  1. Write the answers in your own words. It’s an online submission through Trunitin that detects the plagiarism automatically and generate a report. A plagiarized work will get a zero grade.
  2. Write in detail and explain your answer clearly, (page limit 3-4 : around 1200 Words).
  3. System will not allow late submissions. Therefore, you must submit before the deadline.
  4. Writing Guidelines: Paper size: A4, Line Spacing:1.15, Margins: 1” (inch) or 3 cm all sides, Font: Times New Roman, Font Size: 12 for text and 14 for heading; and overall good presentation
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