Change Theory Blog

3. Please provide entries according to the following format to provide consistency across all blogs.
a. Introduction/overview of week’s goals and accomplishments*
b. Challenges (anticipated and unanticipated) faced and strategies used to overcome challenges/barriers*
c. Utilization of coaching and/or mentoring to assist you in your work; as well as noting any coaching or mentoring you offered to those helping you carry out this project
d. Capstone Project Plan Progress: Is project progressing according to plan and timeline? Explain and amplify.
e. Leadership lessons learned
f. Outcomes achieved

Make sure to incorporate discussion of change theory framework you select to use in your Capstone Project Proposal
discuss the Change Theory Framework in your Blog entry this week
Complete Capstone Project Blog Entry #2

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Change Theory Blog
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(My project is at Cortland green in the bronx, It is an affordable studio apartment for people ages 62 and above with low income. The problem is identifying the health needs of the residents. The preceptor and the social worker all agreed that i create a health survey, which they would like to see and give their comments. I have given them the survey i created and still waiting for their feedback.. By next week i have to go to every apartment and try to survey the residents