Cervical Cancer and Ovarian Cancer

Missed clinical assignment guidelines for student-initiated clinical absence

  1. Student is required to find at least 3 nursing research articles or evidence-based articles related to The research article on cervical cancer and ovarian cancer should include:
  2. Abstract
    b. Background
  3. Literature review
    d. Methodologies
    e. Results/discussion
  4. Conclusions
    g. Recommendations/Implications
    h. References
  5. Student must summarize articles and include how nursing science can be advanced based on the nursing implications from your article summary.
  6. Minimum of 5 pages using APA format
  7. Include a concept map of the topic/disorder
  8. Student must develop powerpoint presentation
    4. Student must submit assignment to the clinical faculty and the course coordinator prior to the next clinical day from date of absence, and have a clinical presentation for the group based on the assignment 1 week after the clinical absence, or as deemed necessary by the faculty.
  9. The clinical faculty grades the make-up assignment.
  10. Please refer to student handbook / clinical faculty handbook and toolkit for further guidance.

Assignment Criteria:

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Cervical Cancer and Ovarian Cancer
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Powerpoint Presentation Guideline                                                         50%

Active Learning Template/s                                                         25%

Presentation to the group with Q & A (10-15 mins)           25%

Total                                                                                                    100%