Celebrity Personality Disorder

NURSING For this assignment, find a literary or cinematic character or a celebrity that has identified as having a personality disorder. Then write a 2-3 page response that answers the following questions. (and then the rest of the prompt can stay the same-except change celebrity in the questions to character/celebrity).


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Celebrity Personality Disorder
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  1. Give a brief overview of the personality disorder.
  2. Describe what behaviors the character or celebrity shows that indicates they have the disorder.
  3. Discuss what risk factors or history the character or celebrity has that may have contributed to the development of the personality disorder.
  4. What treatment plan would you recommend for the character or celebrity?
  5. What outcomes would you expect if the character or celebrity participated in the treatment plan?
  6. What would you recommend to prevent development of the disorder?

Your assignment should include 2-3 sources.  Use scholarly APA format including title and reference page.

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