Categories of Status Offenders

• Undisciplined-type status offender: a juvenile who has committed an undisciplined-type status offense (e.g., truancy, has run away, has been disobedient)

Fuse/Thinkstock Underage drinking is a delinquent-type status offense.

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Categories of Status Offenders
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• Delinquent-type status offender: a juvenile who has committed a curfew, alcohol, tobacco, or motor vehicle offense that is not a crime for adults (e.g., buying tobacco under age 18, consuming alcohol under age 21)

• Nonoffender: a juvenile who is under juvenile court jurisdiction for reasons of delin- quency, neglect, or abuse

• Civil-type offender: a juvenile who is under delinquency court jurisdiction for an infraction that is civil in nature (e.g., noncriminal traffic or fish and game violations)

• Alien juvenile: a noncitizen juvenile under age 18 who is not charged with any offense

A concern regarding status offenders that is not addressed by these types of labels and guide- lines, however, is how to deal with chronic status offenders or those who commit multiple status offenses