Case Study-Rocket Internet

Assessment Requirement: Develop a detailed research report on a case study relevant to organizational resources and capabilities and how these relate to the strategy of an organization, using research analysis skills and knowledge acquired in class, and submit a detailed research report of 3,000 words. Your Terms of Reference: This section outlines some of the key points to consider whilst reviewing and analysing the case study (Guide only): • Identify the most significant theories/concepts relevant to strategic position and sustained competitive advantage (underpinning resources and capabilities) • Critically analyse the company’s resources and capabilities using the framework(s) in the previous question. • Carry out a VRIO analysis for Rocket Internet. To what extent does Rocket Internet have resources and capabilities with sustained competitive advantage? • Carefully analyse which resources and capabilities can be imitated by the competitors. • Analyse the importance of Samer brothers. Provide your recommendations to how the company will perform if they left of sold the company