Case Study On Camp Wahanowin

Analysis of the case:

Page 1: SWOT Analysis and STP (describe the company’s CURRENT segmentation, targeting, and positioning)

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Case Study On Camp Wahanowin
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Page 2: Analyze the case, guided by the case-specific question(s)


• Why does Camp Wahanowin have a problem? Explain. What evidence do you have of this?



• How should Wahanowin expand production? If so, by how much, and why?

• Think beyond the information presented in the case. What’s happening outside of Wahanowin that is causing these issues?

• Make specific recommendations for a long-term solution for Wahanowin.

• Forget about the DVD / CD decision. No need to analyze that issue.

Page 3: Make specific recommendations for strategy and tactics.

The SWOT may be in table format.

You may also include a fourth page with images, tables, and/or calculations to illustrate your analysis

Besides the case itself the only materials you may use are those available on the company’s website or your own investigation of the company. If you use outside materials I strongly discourage direct quoting. If you directly quote (e.g. from the company’s website) then you must identify it as a direct quote by putting it in quotation marks and identifying the source. Otherwise, it should be your ideas based on the information you have found.

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