Case Study – Design Prototypes Inc. Project Management

 Worth 10% of final grade
LaPoint, P., & Haggard, C. (2014). Design Prototypes Inc project management (B): Planning the
Alpha C306 Project. CaseCentre. Retrieved from
Upon successful completion of the case study, students will be able to
 develop understanding of project management planning principles,
 identify the technical elements of the Critical Path Analysis, and
 apply software techniques to calculate the critical path and integrate the results into
management decision making.
Refer case study for details of case and respond to the case question below:
1. What is the result of the Critical Paths Analysis on the revised Work Breakdown
2. Based on the results of the revised Critical Path Analysis, is the project feasible within
the 18-month timeline established by, management? How long will it take to complete
the project? What is the Critical Path?
3. What information should Raef include in his presentation to management?
Submission should be a maximum of 5 pages double-spaced (excluding title page and
reference page), and should follow APA referencing style.

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