Case Reading: Cross Border Case

Case Reading: Cross Border Case

What should Jack do in this situation? Explain why.

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Case Reading: Cross Border Case
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Question 2


For the past few years, the design department of a small (40-employee) company has been using a particular software program, but the three employees who use the software have been complaining for more than a year that the software is out of date and is slowing down their performance. The department agreed to switch to a competing software program, costing several thousand dollars. However, the next version won’t be released for 6 months, and buying the current version will not allow much discount on the next version. The company has put in advance orders for the next version. Meanwhile, one employee was able to get a copy of the current version of the software from a friend in the industry. The company has allowed the three employees to use this current version of the software even though they did not pay for it.

Determine the extent to which the design department’s action was ethical or unethical.

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