Case Narratives – Mini Essays – Ethics and Law in Healthcare

Cover page, document formatting and requirements
– meets APA 7th ed formatting requirements.

Cover page contains
-the unit number
-unit title
-assignment title
-your student number
-actual word count (not the assigned word count)
-each page is numbered in a header or footer

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Case Narratives – Mini Essays – Ethics and Law in Healthcare
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Glossary Page
Includes definitions with referenced sources for the following terms at minimum (other key terms may also be included)
• Autonomy
• Beneficence
• Confidentiality
• Duty of care
• Informed consent
• Informed refusal
• Justice
• Negligence
• Non maleficence
• Privacy
• Standard of care
• Trespass to person

Reference List
Correctly formatted as per APA 7th edition and is positioned on a separate page at the end of the document.

NB: Note reference list and glossary are not included in word count.
20 pts
Scholarly approach

Answers are informative but concise and structured with an introductory statement, an informative discussion, and a concluding statement;

– Clearly defined introductory sentence
– Discussion is developed in paragraphs, exploring key points supported by credible evidence in a logical manner
– Conclusion summarises key points rather than repeating introduction, conclusion does not introduce new content

Word count is adhered to (250-350 words per question) word count inclusive of intext citations, exclusive of reference list.

APA 7th edition referencing style is strictly adhered to

In-text citations use relevant, mostly peer reviewed literature published within five (5) years, or, some recently published textbooks, or, some seminal works

Responses are written clearly and concisely with minimal grammatical/spelling errors 20 pts
Analysis (Content of responses)

Discuss & Reflect: The responses are focused on relevant legal principles and laws and/or ethical dimensions from multiple perspectives in relation to the provided clinical narrative and in response to the set question.

Evidence that the student has drawn on relevant laws and/or ethical theory to inform their discussion and shape their response

Concepts are explored with specific reference to the scenario and question posed

Depth and critical thinking evident from consideration of multiple ethical perspectives (for ethics related cases)
60 pts

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