Carmakers out of crisis? Miles Weaver, Edinburgh Napier University Business School

Manufacturing is significant to the UK economy. Professor Christopherson from Cornell
University on the 26
September 2013 stated that “Manufacturing can revitalise our [UK]
Economy” (Nielsen, 26/09/13, online). Professor Christopherson suggests that
manufacturing is significant to the UK economy because of the number of jobs created which
are usually better quality than in other sectors, manufacturing constitutes the basis of
exports, and thirdly, the relationship of manufacturing to innovation (in order to improve
product and processes). In essence, cars made in the UK account for one in seven of the
domestic sales (BBC News Business, 3/10/13). The recovery is not going to be easy –
however, evidence from the US demonstrates that progress can be made. Heath in the
Telegraph (30/07/2013), reports that “Britain is playing catch-up to the US manufacturing
Manufacturing has taken the biggest hit during the recent recession, particularly the car
industry. The recession led to a collapse in sales, consequently, this has led to a……….

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