Careful Analysis of the Text

How do texts talk to one another? What do we learn from that dialog? What is the point, or main idea, foregrounded through this textual exchange? Argue by focusing on any two points, from two texts that we have read this semester. Your analysis should be based on careful analysis of the text, made to advance a broader idea.

Essay 1 (3 pages) Set up following the format of a standard essay. Provide a thesis (even if it’s just preliminary).Paragraphs Show that you can move from a general thesis, to introducing the text, citation, then explanation.

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Careful Analysis of the Text
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  • have a strong focus and point, with a main idea (or thesis) that is complex enough to carry a college-level analysis;
  • be based upon close, nuanced readings of the text;
  • move with confidence from one paragraph leading to the next;
  • have a kickin’ introduction and conclusion, tying together the whole;
  • be written in a lively, human voice, while showing careful attention to the rules of grammar and the conventions of college English;
  • Use proper MLA style.

The class is LIT Cultural Studies and Pop arts. I’m using as my texts- Easy A (2010) (the movie) and Drunk History; Mary dyer segment. I’m having a difficult time with coming up with a thesis but I’m wanting to do something about comedy and what it allows authors to do with historical context? drunk history youtube

Requirements: 3 pages(900words) | .doc file