Careers In Healthcare

Write about two careers in health care i.e., Respiratory therapy, nursing, ultrasound, radiology, cardiac sonography, physical therapy, hospital information management, hospital administration, etc.)

  • Please consider the support and history of the professional organizations you studied. Then describe what you believe to be the most important contribution of professional organizations such as these to you, a future professional in the field. Three to four paragraphs, please. Double spaced, no more than a 12 font, using logical, complete sentence structure, etc.
  •   You should include an introductory paragraph; a paragraph stating what you believe is the most important contribution, with four or five supporting sentences, and a paragraph of summary/conclusion, minimum. One page maximum, please.
  •   Include a works cited page of the sources you used for this paper. MLA format, please.
  •   Include a cover sheet with name, date and course number/section

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Careers In Healthcare
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