Carb Cycling

1. Carb cycling (high/low carb) is often used for what purpose?

A.  Fast weight loss

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Carb Cycling
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B.  Fast weight gain

C.  Reduce A1C levels

D.  Reduce blood pressure

2. Functional foods are divided into four categories: modified foods, conventional foods, medical foods, and

A.  clinical foods.

B.  special dietary foods.

C.  unconventional foods.

D.  non-genetically modified foods.

3. What is the most influential sense when consuming food?

A.  Feel

B.  Sight

C.  Smell

D.  Taste


4. While the amount diminishes over time, how many taste buds does every human have?

A.  Between 1,000 and 2,000

B.  Approximately 3,000

C.  Between 9,000 and 10,000

D.  Approximately 100,000

5. Small, vaporized molecules of food, detected by the human nose, are called

A.  villus.

B.  odor molecules.

C.  volatile molecules.

D.  olfactory molecules.