Capsim Report

Write a Shareholders report to provide an analytic based critique of your company’s performance over the last eight (8) years under your management.

Part 1: Summary (Executive Overview—aka abstract )  Half page summary.

Part 2. Discuss your strategy and how well YOU implemented YOUR strategy. Give specific examples to illustrate your answers. Specifically comment on your company’s R & D, Marketing, Production, and Finance implementation.

Part 3: Discuss the performance of your company as compared to that of your competitors from two points of view: Comment on the High tech and Low tech performance separately.

  1. Shareholders – interested in stock price, dividends, market share, profitability, long term sustainability—how well did you do as compared to your competition?
  2. Customers – interested in product performance, price, size, MTBF, company awareness, access, and accessibility—that is, the factors that make up your Customer survey score.

Part 4. An analysis and critique of your major decisions while managing your company with special emphasis on any decisions that did not turn out the way you expected and what you learned from them

Part 5. A discussion of what you would do the same and what you would do differently if you were to remain as manager for the next 5 years.

Part 6. As assessment of the overall strengths and weaknesses of your company as compared to your competition. That ishow well, in your opinion, is your company positioned to grow and prosper in the coming years. For example, does it have a well-positioned product line? Does it have a good credit rating?

Be sure to type the following sentence at the end of your report:  Papers without this statement cannot be graded.

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