Business: Operational Excellence Course Project

Operational Excellence Course Project General Overview This course has a major assignment that is broken into 4 parts. This assignment is designed to help you take what you are learning in the course and apply it to a real-life situation in your organization that could benefit from operational changes to improve efficiency and/or effectiveness in ways that strengthen your competitive advantage. The Operations Management Course Project presents an opportunity to take what you are learning and apply it to your job. The project allows you to earn the grades you need for the course and to come away with a practical project plan that can make a real difference at your workplace. In this project, you will: 1. Identify an area of potential improvement in your organization that would make a real, measurable impact on your business. 2. Apply the tools we are studying in this course to analyze the situation and take steps to design and implement improvements. This will be done in 4 phases which, together, will form your Course Project. a. Value Stream Mapping and Analysis b. Building Detailed Agenda(s) for Kaizen or Work-Outs c. Creating Six Sigma Project Charter(s) d. Completing an Assessment Scorecard using the PEMM

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Business: Operational Excellence Course Project
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