Business Issues


  • Expect you to reflect critically on any current events that might be relevant to our subject matter, as well as your own views on the role of ethics in business.
  • Try to keep up with business issues by watching relevant programming on CNBC, PBS, CNN, etc.
  • Many movies focus on issues in business (Wall Street, Erin Brockovich, Promised Landetc.). So, you could write about them, too. The same goes for television shows.
  • Check out the internet. Type in “business ethics” on your search engine, you should get plenty of hits.
  • Keep up with business issues in the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. Also, check magazines like FortuneBusiness WeekThe Economistetc.
  • Reflect on how you interact with business in your own day-to-day life at home, work, play, etc.

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Business Issues
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