Business: Franchise Research & Video Presentation

Slide 1: Title Slide You will use the title of the company you chose and then put your name under the title as well as the instructor’s name, course#, & section#. Slide 2: Why This Franchise? Briefly describe the products / services they provide and how the company meets the needs of customers better than competition. Fun Fact: Include some trivia, socially responsible or irresponsible thing this company has done in the past. Slide 3: History Who is/are the founder(s)/owner(s) of the franchise? Give a brief history of the company Where is the corporate headquarters? How much revenue did they make in each of the last 2 years? When did it begin franchising? How many franchises exist? In how many countries? Slide 4: Mission and Vision What is the mission of the company? What are the key business goals and objectives of the company? Slide 5: How do I Start? Franchise and application fees? What are the personal qualifications to get this franchise? What is the average total price range to open this franchise? What are the Site Criteria and Demographic Requirements? Slide 6: Pros and Cons Create a 2 Column slide comparing buying a franchise versus starting a business like this from scratch? What are the advantages (column 1) and disadvantages (column 2)?

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Business: Franchise Research & Video Presentation
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