As part of the ENTREPRENEURSHIP CAPSTONE INTERNSHIP, you are expected to address the following questions in no more than 7000 words. 1. Create a profile of the company bearing in mind these elements:  Brief history of the company  Products and services the company sells  Profits and sales figures if available  Number of employees  Number of countries it operates in  Organisational structure  Major competitors and market share NB: You must use APA formatting, references, and citations. Do not use footnotes…and don’t use Wikipedia! 2. Explain your role and duties as a management intern and any major contributions you have made during your internship role. 3. Conduct an analysis of the company using the SWOT framework. 4. Discuss a specific activity / operation / policy / practice revealed or experienced during the internship and conduct an analysis and explanation of why it is especially effective OR why is not effective and recommendations for improvement. You will be evaluated on the quality of your analysis and must combine theoretical knowledge and practical skills in preparing this part of your report. 5. Write a reflective statement about your experiences as an intern. Discuss and analyse what you have learnt during the internship and how the experience has shaped and changed you as a person and future management. 6. Read the article on “Career Imprinting” by Harvard Business School Professor Monica Higgins. a. What is career imprinting and what are the 4 ways people can be influenced in a professional context? b. Which of these 4 ways have you been influenced? Explain how.

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