Business and finance

  1. Write a positing statement for yourself, from the perspective of your advertising yourself as a potential friend to someone else.
  2. Let’s say we are the advertisers for a new brand of deodorant. Based solely on national statistics, we know that females tend to do most of the shopping for the household. Thus, even for a product like deodorant, females tend to be the purchasers, while males (e.g., husbands, boyfriends, brothers, etc.) are often the end users. Given this, who would you advertise to – the purchasers or the end users? Explain your choice
  3. As discussed in lecture, think about a situation in your own life in which you’ve used the AIDA funnel to persuade someone to do something, try something, believe something, etc. Of the four parts in AIDA, which did you struggle the most with implementing? Explain

Each question needs 100 words.

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Business and finance
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