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Be sure you answer the questions 1 through 2 in your narrative. Note: For the case problem, you need to create the following three items: 1. Printout of MINITAB worksheet 2. Printout of MINITAB session window 3. Printout of managerial report. The guidelines require that you write a memo according to a specific format. The first section of the memo is the problem statement. Assume the reader has not read the assigned case study in the textbook so communicate in a few sentences the issue you are addressing. Be sure the reader understands why you’re undertaking the analysis that follows. The second section in the statistical analysis. Be sure you tell the reader what the statistical output you generated means. Don’t copy Minitab tables and graphs into the analysis section. Don’t just say things like “The mean is …” without trying to attach some meaning to the statistic you computed. Finally, the conclusion section summarizes and highlights of your analysis. Don’t add any new information in the conclusions sections. Place any Minitab output like graphs, worksheets, tables, etc. that you want the user so see in an appendix following the conclusion section. 1. Review these data (stored in AMS2-1). Identify the variables that are important in describing the customer service problems. For each variable you identify, construct the graphical representation you think is most appropriate and explain your choice. Also, suggest what other information concerning the different types of errors would be useful to examine. Offer possible courses of action for either the task force or management to take that would support the goal of improving customer service. 2. As a follow-up activity, the task force decides to collect data to study the pattern of calls to the help desk (stored in AMS2-2). Analyze these data and present your conclusions in a report.

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Business Analytics
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