Business Analysis mathematical problem

Use Excel Solver to obtain a solution to the mathematical problem from Task 1. Your
submission should include:
• your Excel spreadsheet
• the Sensitivity Report
• the Answer Report

Dean runs The Creamy Bar which specialises in artisan ice cream sold at a local farmer’s
market. Prevailing prices in the local market are $10 for a take-home tub of Classic Vanilla
and $18 for a tub of Chocolate Almond Fudge.
The local dairy farmer delivers 50 litres of milk every Friday in preparation for market day.
Classic Vanilla will need 0.5 litres per tub and Chocolate Almond Fudge requires 3 times
as much. Both flavours require 500g of sugar to enhance the taste. There is a total of
22kg of sugar available per market day. For the signature velvety mouthfeel, Dean adds
0.5 litres of heavy cream to Classic Vanilla and double the amount for Chocolate Almond
Fudge. He ordered 55 litres of heavy cream from the supplier

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Business Analysis mathematical problem
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