Budget, Budget Narrative, and Sustainability Plan

Final Project Guidelines


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Budget, Budget Narrative, and Sustainability Plan
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The Final Project for this course is a written grant proposal comprised of Assignments from Modules 2 and 3. The completed Final Project—the Grant Proposal Submission, is due by the end of Module 6.

The Grant Proposal Submission


The Grant Proposal Submission consists of three parts:

Part 1: Need Statement, Goals, and Objectives
Part 2: Methodology and Evaluation Plans
Part 3: Budget, Budget Narrative, and Sustainability Plan


The Final Project consists of the following components:


  • Title Page
  • Part 1: Need Statement, Goals, and Objectives
  • Part 2: Methodology and Evaluation Plans
  • Part 3: Budget, Budget Narrative, Sustainability Plan
  • Reference Page

Part 1: Need Statement, Goals, and Objectives (34 pages excluding APA references)

  • Need Statement
  • Establishes the specific problem the proposal will address
  • Substantiates the need for addressing this problem by presenting proof of need
  • If proof of need requires information that would still need to be accomplished, such as a survey or focus group, the need statement provides a full explanation how this proof would be gathered and what it would address
  • Reflects current literature
  • Reflects funder interests
  • Reflects best practices for grant writing
  • Goals
  • Align to the need statement
  • Clarify what will be accomplished at the completion of the project or at a specific point
  • Objectives
  • Align to the project goals
  • Are specific
  • Are measureable


Part 2: Methodology and Evaluation Plans (34 pages excluding APA references)

The Methodology clarifies how objectives will be achieved and what activities will lead to that achievement. The Evaluation Plan provides a specific plan for determining how results will be appraised.


  • The Methodology

    • Program description
    • Research design
    • Human subjects (sample)
    • Study validity and reliability
    • Assumptions and limitations
    • Time line
    • Analysis (and/or see Evaluation below)
    • Non-personnel resources
    • Facilities, supplies, technology, etc.
    • Any non-personnel resources that will appear in the proposal budget should be described
    • Personnel resources
    • Who will be assigned or hired?
    • Management plan (Work plan)
    • Who will be responsible for which activities
    • What is the timeline associated with activities (first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, fourth quarter, ongoing)?
    • How will the project be managed?


  • The Evaluation Plan
  • Description of the specific criteria that will measure the success of the project
  • Explanation of data that will be collected
    • Verify if your grant application will require an institutional review board (IRB) approval.
  • Explanation of the data collection plans at the beginning, mid-program, and final evaluation
  • Evaluation instruments that will be used and an explanation of why these instruments were selected
  • Plans for writing the periodic reports to keep the funder updated


Part 3: Budget, Budget Narrative, and Sustainability Plan (35 pages)

The project Budget delineates all expected costs associated with a project. The Budget Narrative expands upon the line items, offering further explanation of costs and needs as appropriate. A Sustainability Plan explains to funders how you will continue a project after funding has been exhausted.

Part I: Budget

  • Use the budget template provided in the Learning Resources.
  • Fill in the budget template for your project


Note: Rationale for costs will be provided in the budget narrative.


Note 2: Budget line items should consider the non-personnel and personnel resources listed in the methodology section.


Part II: Budget Narrative and Sustainability Plan

  • The Budget Narrative expands on the line items of the budget, providing a reviewer detail and justification for how you arrived at the projected dollar amounts. For example: If hiring a consultant for $2,000 is a line item, the narrative might explain that this is based on 40 hours @ $50/hour.
  • The Sustainability Plan explains how your agency plans to continue operating this program once the funding has run out.
  • It also indicates where future funding and other resources might be obtained.


Note: All relevant cost issues from the budget are addressed in the sustainability plan.


References Page (12 pages)


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