Brochures and flyers are useful for promoting specific programs or events. They contain topic-specific information, usually on one page, and sometimes on a front-back format. Due to space limitations inherent in this type of publication, your copy must be concise and to the point. If you try to include too much information, you may not have the space to make it look attractive. Decide on the most important information, and concentrate on presenting it in an interesting and understandable format. Some possible topics for brochures and flyers include the following:

● ● Preschool programs ● Kindergarten programs ● Special education programs ● Volunteer programs ● Afterschool programs ● School–business partnerships ● Homework ● Magnet programs ● Athletics ● Honors programs ● Fine arts programs ● Sex education-HIV/AIDS curriculum

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Brochures Good brochures use graphic art or photographs to add interest and break up the copy. You can also use borders, dashes, bullets, and white space to create an interesting look. If you plan to use photographs, it is best to use white paper and black ink; otherwise, the photos may not look natural. Add color by adding a second color of ink to headlines or art. If you use colored paper, stick to neutrals and pastels for readability.