British Cinema B: final assessment

Essay: 3,000 words (100%)
Discuss one of the following topics in relation to two films of your choice:
(a) ‘British’ national identity
(b) discourses of ‘realism’
(c) the concept of ‘quality’
(d) the ‘heritage’ debates
(e) the documentary tradition
(f) World War II
(g) the British Empire
(h) postcolonial Britain
(i) popular cinema
(j) art cinema
(k) place, region and identity
(l) setting and landscape
(m) class
(n) gender and/or sexuality
(o) race and ethnicity
(p) desire and repression
(q) diversity and difference
(r) power and resistance
(s) critical reception and
commercial success
(t) canons and tastes
(u) transnationalism
Guidance notes:
• At least one of the films discussed in your essay must be a set film from the
module. You may choose two from the weekly screenings or you may prefer
to select your second film from the lists of recommended viewing (see
module handbook). Please ask your seminar tutor to approve your choice of
• These are general topics. Successful essays will develop a specific argument
and defined area of focus based on the two films and the critical materials
you use. You should give your essay a title that reflects the films you have
chosen and the issues you are exploring.
• Essays should draw on a range of reading from the module and beyond. Good
essays will demonstrate a process of research that goes beyond the core
texts for the module. Remember to consult the ‘further reading’ lists in the
module handbook.
• When analysing films in detail, you should pay attention to questions of
cinematic form where appropriate.
• Try to pay equal attention to each of the two films you analyse.
• Please format essays in 1.5 space, 12pt font. Film titles should be formatted
in italics. You should choose a referencing system (e.g. Harvard, Chicago) and
use it consistently. Please attach a bibliography and filmography to the end of
the essay.