Borderlands and Stereotypes

Latinos have made their mark in the U.S., however, they have also had to overcome many obstacles. Taking into consideration the module’s materials, answer the following questions in a focused response:

  •  How has Latino culture influenced American culture here in the United States? Is the U.S. a “Borderland” as many Latino writers describe? How so specifically?
  • What are some stereotypes of Latinos that you are aware of? What kinds of challenges present themselves as a result of these stereotypes? Provide specific examples from the learning materials, particularly from the documentary(ies)

In most democratic countries, the justices for their equivalent to American Supreme Court serve for a fixed term and they are not eligible for reappointment.

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Borderlands and Stereotypes
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Furthermore, those countries do not allow a partisan confirmation process.  The American Supreme Court was implemented in 1789.

Do you believe it is time for America to reconsider the lifetime appointment of Supreme Court’s justices?  Why or why not?