Bone Density

1. Of the following types of exercise, which promotes a higher bone density when performed consistently?

A.  Water aerobics

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Bone Density
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B.  Lap swimming

C.  Barbell training

D.  Outdoor cycling

2. Minerals such as calcium function as a

A.  phospholipid transporter.

B.  fat metabolizer.

C.  metalloenzyme.

D.  enzyme cofactor.

3. Which mineral has been linked to dietary supplements for fat loss and muscle gain?

A.  Iron

B.  Calcium

C.  Chromium

D.  Manganese

4. Which mineral is known widely for its role in oral health?

A.  Boron

B.  Calcium

C.  Fluoride

D.  Molybdenum

5. Boron and molybdenum are essential nutrients classified as

A.  cofactors.

B.  antioxidants.

C.  major minerals.

D.  trace minerals.

6. Cholesterol is needed for the synthesis of

A.  vitamin A.

B.  vitamin D.

C.  vitamin E.

D.  vitamin K.