Bombardier Aerospace

Bombardier Aerospace
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The study focuses on Bombardier Aerospace and the “context” of the company:

This is the present and future context. Thus, not the full historical, cultural, etc.

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Bombardier Aerospace
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The context can integrate but not limited to :
– Full-present and future
– Cultural situations, their differences and changes that we anticipate
– The prospects for growth in the industrial sector
– Major technological changes to come
– Major economic changes (free trade zones, for example).
To summarize this concept, we have to look to the future in which the company will develop. The industrial context makes it possible to highlight the future of the company: threats and opportunities in the internal and external environment of the company.

For example, the method Pestel is a management method.
This method is based on strong assumptions. Well used, it gives a good list of items to check.
It analyzes the factors in the external environment in which it operates.
These elements are particularly important because there are factors beyond its control that may represent risks or opportunities.

Through the analysis, differents domains might be cited :
� Politics and policies: taxation, political stability (eg. China vs Japan), geopolitical
� Economic: conjuncture, growth, price of complementary products
� Social
� Technology
� Environmental: pollution and Greenhouse gas, protocols
� Legal

The analysis can focus on some of these elements (must include at least three of these six elements)