Bolman & Deals Framework

To structure an effective structure and design of Queenly organization, the best strategy will be to adopt the Bolman & Deals Framework. According to Jurkiewicz & Giacalone (2004), the framework focuses on structural, human resource, political and symbolic factors. Queenly should make its decision based on its structure which includes the internal issues such as inadequate number of staffs and the long waiting time. The major issue facing the organization is based on the human capital. Queenly should make its decision using the human resource framework by working with all the members of staffs to structure a method of reducing the long waiting time of services. The organization should hire more counseling staffs in addition to training the clerks and nurses to acquire counseling skills in order to ease the workloads from the experts.

In order make effective strategic decisions to improve the clients’ accessibility to counseling services, and its method of care delivery and its operations, Queenly Community Health Service should first keenly analyze its operations. There are various theories that explain organization and its structure. These theories include administrative theory, bureaucratic approach and scientific management approach. The scientific management theory targets to bring efficiency in the……..

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