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  1. Based on the textbook’s overview on managing social media information, what do you believe is the best approach and why?

According to the textbook, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and big data analytics have changed organizations from data sources. Technological advancement has led to increased security and privacy issues in the use of social media. For instance, in Cambridge Analytica, the data of Facebook’s users were used for campaigns. The case substantiates the privacy and security issues related to the use of social media in business. The traditional centralized profile in most of social media platforms results in security issues or violation of the data. Besides, deleting the company or personal profile is difficult since social media platforms keep shows profiles for those users who lack accounts. Therefore, the centralized approach creates more security vulnerabilities (Rijmenam, 2019).

I think the best approach to adopt in managing the information on social media is by adopting blockchain technology to secure the information posted on social media since if the hackers hack the central server, all the data is one their hands, and they can do all they want. The business or individuals should plan and schedule to ensure that the contest shared aligns with its objectives to avoid tarnishing its reputations. Besides, the content should resonate and be relevant to the audience to understand the business mission. However, sensitizing and training the employees on securing and not posting sensitive information is not enough since they have no control over the data stored by the third party (Rijmenam, 2018). Therefore, the business can effectively manage social media information through blockchain, guarantee security, accountability, and accessibility of the data. Through blockchain technology, the third party would not have controls over the business data, and blockchain technology is not vulnerable to hacking due to the use of the hashtag function.

  1. What do you believe blockchain can do to social media company’s best manage user information and keep it more secure?

The adoption of blockchain technology in social media management is critical due to the significant benefits attached to this technology. The social media company can adopt blockchain technology to give users control over their data. Therefore, blockchain technology will guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of one’s data as the third party does not control it or service provides. Secondly, the company can replace centralized social media management with decentralized ones, hence improving data security. The use of blockchain technology will decentralize the control of social media is critical as it will eliminate the sing point attack, reducing the rates of data breaches (Rijmenam, 2018). When the company develops a decentralized social media network, they will lack the option of using user’s data without their consent. Therefore, the users will own tour data, manage their social media presence, and decided who can access their data.

The adoption of blockchain technology will enable social media companies to facilitate the portability of one’s data and content to another social media platform instead of starting afresh. In the decentralized social media network, the users can transfer or take the data anywhere they want. The other benefit of blockchain technology towards social management is that it will facilitate accountability on the data user. The users or the social media company will carry the liability of issues that may arise. Besides, Facebook users will have the capability of generating passive income from advertising using their data. The other contribution of Blockchain technology towards the management of social media is that the company will be able to keep an open-source code; hence, they can quickly inspect data algorithms. Blockchain technology will contribute towards democratic decision-making where the users are the ones to decide, where who, or how they will share data. Besides, another package from blockchain technology is the explainable AI, which will explain every judgment on social media platforms (Sharma, 2021).


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