Instructions:1. Select a tradition from a culture of your choosing.

a) this could be a tradition or practice from your own cultural identity (this is a great chance to tell a part of your own story or to get in touch with it, depending on where you’re at in your cultural journey).    b) this could be a tradition or practice that you’ve always wanted to research and learn some more about. 2. This tradition could be something formalized like aholiday or ceremony (Hanukkah, Chinese New Yearetc.). It could also be something informal like agreeting practice or behavior (touch, use of timeetc.) so there is really a lot of latitude here.3. Analyze the tradition in terms of what it representsabout the culture’s world view. You will want to be able to:a. offer a thorough explanation of how the tradition ispracticed.b. What values does this tradition reinforce aboutthe culture.4. You will want to conduct research for this project ontwo levels:a. Research about the practice and how it is carriedoutb. Research about how the tradition interacts withthe culture.(If you are doing a culture that youare not familiar with, definitely make sure youhave research to help you support yourconclusions about which pieces of world view aresustained in this tradition.  This research might be  first hand experience as well. c. There are resources to get you started in ourweek #2 module. They are:

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  •  The Hofstede Center links loaded in the module
  •  World view components notes that help parallel the reading in the book.

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