Bitter Political strife between Federalists and Republicans


Write a well-organized essay that addresses/answers  the questions/problems below. Your essay must include: (1) a thesis paragraph that restates the question/problem AND provides your answer to the question/problem; (2) the main body of your essay containing enough specific evidence and information to support your thesis; and (3) a concluding paragraph that restates the problem and your thesis. Each paragraph must be at least three sentences in length and begin with a topic sentence that alerts the reader to the content of a paragraph’s supporting sentences.

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Bitter Political strife between Federalists and Republicans
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Bitter political strife between Federalists and Republicans characterized American government throughout its first twelve years under the Constitution of 1787. (1) Discuss one source of that strife by analyzing the crucial differences between the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution of 1787. (2) Compare and contrast the ideologies and domestic policies of Alexander Hamilton and the Federalists with those of Thomas Jefferson and the Republicans. (3) Finally, describe the most important factors that contributed to the Republican ascendancy in 1800.