Bell-Magendie Law

1. What is the Bell-Magendie law? What was the significance of this law in the history of psychology?

2. Summarize Müller’s doctrine of specific nerve energies.

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Bell-Magendie Law
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3. Define vitalism. Was Müller a vitalist? Was Helmholtz?

4. How did Helmholtz explain perception? Include in your answer a discussion of unconscious inference.

5. Summarize the Young–Helmholtz theory of color vision.

6. Summarize the resonance place theory of auditory perception.

7. Discuss the importance of Helmholtz’s work for the development of psychology as a science.

8. How did Hering explain space perception?

9. Summarize Hering’s theory of color vision.

10. Discuss the basic tenets of phrenology. Also discuss the reasons for phrenology’s popularity and its influence on psychology.

11. Who was Dr. Mises?

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