Behavioral Mode of Science

Cybernetics Paper 1

5 pgs, double spaced, 12pt font, normal margins

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Behavioral Mode of Science
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What is the “behavioral” mode of science according to Norbert Wiener’s co-authored “Behavior, Purpose, and Teleology”?

Using the 1943 article, formulate a thesis about the concept of behavior that Wiener et al lay out. How does it work, what are its implications?

The successful essay will not speculate about this but draw evidence – and its thesis – from the text itself, examining the text closely and defending the answer to the question posed above by interpreting this text. The goal of the assignment is to formulate a thesis about the text, not about ideas adjacent to the text, nor about the historical context in which the text was written.

Meet the text on its own terms and interrogate it there: how does the text communicate its ideas? What is happening when you read that leads to the concept Wiener et al specify as behavior? The successful essay will focus on the relation of the text to its ideas.