Beer Corporation


Greeting i know how the math is wok for the below question, and i will post it down, what i need any discussing the results Discuss how these computations are integrated into a Supply Chain Plan. What are the benefits in terms of effectiveness and efficiency within the supply chain?

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Beer Corporation
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The Best Beer Corporation has a beer-processing facility located in Columbus, Ohio. The beer facility has a system efficiency of 90 percent, and the utilization is 80 percent. Three sub-facilities are used for processing. The facilities operate five days a week and three 8-hour shifts per day. What is the rated weekly capacity for the facilityRated weekly capacity= Available time * Utilization * Efficiency

Available time= No.of hours a work center can be used

=3*8*5 =120 Hours for one facility

= 120*3 = 360 for 3 sub facilities

Utilization= 80%

Efficiency = 90%

Rated weekly capacity= Available time * Utilization * Efficiency

= 360*0.80*0.90

= 259.2 hours