Becoming an Effective Mentoring Leader

Book Review and Reflection–Read:  ebook of “Becoming an Effective Mentoring Leader.” 2-3 pages

You are to provide a summary of the reading and incorporate your personal insight/reflection. You may also reference scholarly research in your response. Cite the sources with the most current APA style and format.

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Becoming an Effective Mentoring Leader
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Remember, the purpose of the summary is to discuss the author’s TAP (Task=The topic of the reading; Audience=Who was the reading written for; Purpose=Why did the author write the reading?) Also, it must be clear to me that upon reading your Summary and Reflection that you have read the book. You may include your own thoughts on the material, including areas which you particularly relate or disagree as an “informed” opinion.

Due September 26, 2021 by 11:59 p.m. central time