Becoming a Scholar of Change

How will you leverage knowledge to address challenges related to young children and families that exist within your community, the early childhood field, and the world around you? How will you transform yourself as a scholar-practitioner so that you can move forward and impact positive social change? What actions will you take to address societal challenges impacting young children, their families, and professionals in the early childhood field, thereby advancing the greater global good?

In this Discussion, you reflect on your own developmental trajectory as a scholar-practitioner, and identify the future impact you would like to have on young children, their families, early childhood professionals, the field, and society at large.

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Becoming a Scholar of Change
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To Prepare:

Watch the media segments on the Walden University “Scholars of Change” website in the Learning Resources. Reflect on your academic growth in terms of your own education and professional development, and consider where you would like to be 5 years from now as a scholar. What are your overall goals in terms of your own academic development? How does this intersect with your current or desired professional role in the field of early childhood? How will you, as a scholar-practitioner, play a role in advancing social good?

Based on your reflection and goals, imagine that you are creating a Scholars of Change video about a project you would like to do on fostering child development and learning.