Beam Reactions

You are required to write a 1500-word Laboratory report for the lab on Beam Reactions (worth 100% of the mark for this assignment), students should use the same data collected from the practical session.


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Beam Reactions
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The lab report you are required to produce should demonstrate the following:

·            An understanding of Engineering principles covered during practical sessions.

·            Clear structure with introduction, main body and conclusions.

·            Accurate referencing using the CU Harvard referencing guide.

·            Ability to carry out an experiment, data acquisition and processing.

·            Apply the relevant formulas to compare your experimental results with theoretical calculation.


Guidance notes and considerations

A report template will be provided to guide you in writing your report.

Tips for success in this module:

·            Download, print and read the lab sheets before attending the lab sessions.

·            Complete the laboratory exercises, with the help of a demonstrator at the time allocated.

·            Take comprehensive notes during the lab sessions to help when writing your final report

·            Attend all lectures, in order to have an understanding of the topics covered in the lab. The lecturer will show you a sample of well-prepared report and explain how to write a laboratory report during one of these lectures.

·            Submit your report through Moodle.

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