Banning Gambling in Australia

1500 words

Please state the Australia of your choice. Your issues paper should:

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Banning Gambling in Australia
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  • construct (or frame) the issue as a problem
  • provide an analysis that proposes a variety of options for addressing the problem presented.

This task is designed to provide you with an important (positivist) point of reference when engaging in various post-positivist forms of analysis in subsequent assignments for this topic.

In this assessment you need to:

  • select one of the prescribed issues
  • present the ‘essence’ of the problem (ie describe the problem in such a way that it is amenable to policy action)
  • provide options for addressing the problem.

To achieve this you will need to:

  • Research your chosen issue. Read widely, and look for relevant policy research on your chosen issue. Relevant policy research might include consideration of:
    • Solutions from other jurisdictions
    • Analysis of implementation issues
    • Economic considerations
    • Social impact or cost-benefit analyses
    • Exploration of rights conflicts, or conflicts in values
    • Political concerns and conflicts raised by your chosen issue.