Bank performance, financial stability and diversification

1) Introduction: identify the main research question, provide the underlying rationale and clearly state the objectives.
2) Literature review: present and discuss prior theoretical and empirical contributions in the area you are investigating. At this section you should also demonstrate your critical ability by providing your own assessment of prior contributions. You should also demonstrate how previous contributions relate to your research.
3) Data and Methodology: present your data set and provide some descriptive statistics that inform you about their underlying statistical properties. Discuss the methodology you will employ, i.e. SFA, and give the rationale for opting for such methodology.
4) Analysis, discussion of results: present and discuss your results, whilst also linking them with previous findings in the literature. Make a policy assessment of your findings. If your project is not quantitative, due for example of not available data, you should provide a comprehensive analysis of the main focus of your project, expressing your views on the questions you have earlier raised in a critical way. This section is of great substance for your project.
5) Conclusions: summarize the most important outcomes of your research, identify and propose next steps, offer some policy implications, recommendations.
6) References

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Bank performance, financial stability and diversification
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