Available Water and Infiltration HW

Available Water and Infiltration HW

For the two homework problems presented below; use one spreadsheet with as many sheets as needed. Indicate given, required and present a solution with active cells. The spreadsheet should be a live spreadsheet with input values stated in their special cells. Reference any information you use and state any assumptions.

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Available Water and Infiltration HW
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HW Problem 1:

You are trying to determine infiltration characteristics for an agricultural field in Yuma, AZ. You used a dual ring infiltrometer to determine the empirical constants in the Kostiakov Equation. Assume you collected the measured data provided in table shown below.

Time (min) Time (hours) Depth of water in the Infiltrometer (mm)
0 0 100.0
1 0.017 94.5
2 0.033 92.5
3 0.050 90.0
5 0.083 88.0
10 0.167 85.0
15 0.250 80.0
20 0.333 78.0
40 0.667 71.5
60 1.000 63.0
100 1.667 55.0
120.0 2.000 49.0



  1. Kostiakov empirical constants. Plot cumulative infiltrated depths (mm) vs. opportunity time in hours. Please provide the constants with units, equation and R2.
  2. Equation for infiltration rate (use same units: mm and hours). Plot infiltrated depth (mm) vs. time (hours).
  3. Determine the value for : Constant infiltration rate, hydraulic conductivity of the soil.


HW Problem 2:


  1. Soil with 15% sand content and 54% clay content
  2. Crop: Spinach
  3. Farm location: Yuma, AZ
  4. Infiltration Data Sheet given in Problem 1 above


  1. Available water to the crop when irrigating to field capacity
  2. How long would it take to apply the available water depth based on infiltration function you found in HW problem 1.