Attachment parenting’ and the ‘Ferber Method.’

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Attachment parenting’ and the ‘Ferber Method.’
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This week identify and trial 2 apps/programs that can help with relaxation and stress reduction.  Give an overview of the apps and identify what you found helpful and beneficial and would you recommend it.

2nd (1 page)

Detailed information regarding this discussion post can be found in the powerpoint slides for Chapter 7, and the video clips related to ‘attachment parenting‘ and the ‘Ferber Method.‘  ‘Attachment parenting’ focuses on establishing a nurturing connection between parent and baby, through breastfeeding, close continuous physical contact (day and night), and being available to soothe the baby at night.  According to this perspective, if the baby cries for any reason, the caregiver should respond promptly and sensitively.  The Ferber Method is a somewhat controversial ‘sleep training method’ (also known as ‘cry it out’) that encourages ‘self soothing’ by allowing the 4-6 month-old baby to cry for ‘timed intervals’ before briefly comforting and reassuring.  Proponents of this method (e.g. the couple in the Ferber video clip)  believe it is a reasonable solution to help teach a baby sleep through the night, and restoring family harmony, especially for working parents.  In your post, choose one of the two methods/philosophies, and give reasons supporting your choice.

My choice will be the caregiver should respond promptly and sensitively.

No outside sources. Just what I have attached and your personal thoughts


The Ferber Method (10:05)*

Attachment Parenting* (4:11) (2:11)

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