Athletes Return to Sport Following Injury: A Self-Determination Perspective – Discussion

Dissertation Discussion Requirements (2400 words)

This section contains the formal conclusions with discussion of the obtained results in relation to previous theory and research (comparisons with the findings in the literature need to be made amongst other theory and research not mentioned in literature review.

It also should discuss the implications of the findings for the research questions and for future research. It should make a critical appraisal of the study. Finally, it should report an overall conclusion on the study’s findings.

As the results were split up into three sections, each reflecting a dimension of SDT’s 3 universal psychological needs. Please may you split the discussion up into the same 3 sections. So formal conclusions with the discussions of the obtained results on autonomy first, competence second, relatedness third. With the first paragraph’s information on literature review findings and external findings still applying.

Formal conclusions with discussion of obtained results in relation to previous theory and research in context of research questions: 1800 words

Critical appraisal of the study judging i.e. judging its trustworthiness/relevance to particular context and summarising conclusions: 600 words.

Dissertation displaying literature review and proceeding results is attached in essay order.