Assortment, Pricing, and Promotions

Team: How should digital and store buyers approach decisions about assortment, pricing, and

promotions? Remember, the guest demands consistency across channels. What other issues

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Assortment, Pricing, and Promotions
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might you consider in planning with buyers in other departments and categories?

• Stores: Remember to consider store execution in how your strategies will be implemented.

Are there risks you should consider? In what other ways can you use store team members to help

drive an omni-channel Holiday strategy?


• Marketing: How should Target engage guests, and in what channels, to advance your Holiday

strategy? Think of the many touch points guests have with the Target brand and consider which

of these touch points is most impactful during the Holiday season. Also consider the channels

where consumers are going to get gift ideas and inspiration. (Think print media, sites like

Pinterest, and other mediums).


If you would like to select a specific category within Kids, feel free to choose from the divisions below:

• Electronics: Mobile, TV/Audio, Portable Electronics, and Video Games


• Toys: Dolls/Plush, Games/Action Figures/Diecast, Preschool/Seasonal


• Entertainment: Music, Movies, and Books