Assignment—Draft Mini Literature Review

Assignment—Draft Mini Literature Review

Literature reviews form the foundation for every academic product—from a paper for a course, to a paper for a publication in a journal. Now that you have gathered resources that pertain to both your health or healthcare topic and Program Learning Outcomes, you can start narrowing them down and considering how these resources can be helpful in your Capstone Project Presentation.

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Assignment—Draft Mini Literature Review
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To prepare:

  • Review your Annotated Bibliography Assignment and select 6–8 of the best resources for your Mini Literature Review.
  • Review the sample mini literature review in your Learning Resources as a guide for writing your Mini Literature Review.


To complete this Capstone Project Assignment:

Construct the first draft of your 4- to 5-page Mini Literature Review. Your draft should include the following:

  • A brief introduction that provides information about the scope and nature of the issue, at least 5–6 body paragraphs that provide sufficient detail, and a conclusion. Your paper should evidence the 6–8 resources from your Annotated Bibliography. You should include both parenthetical (in-text citations) as well as your references at the end of the document (i.e., your Annotated Bibliography sources that apply) in proper APA format.
  • Use the remaining instructions in this Capstone Project Guide and Capstone Project Template to develop the subtopics of this Mini Literature Review, which form the body paragraphs of your Mini Literature Review. For example, in the Introduction, you can provide epidemiological and statistical data about your issue. You can also discuss how this issue transcends borders, etc. By organizing your Mini Literature Review using the Capstone Template (specific to your program), you will be better prepared to create your narrated Capstone Project Presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Summarize and analyze these resources. Paraphrase them in your own words. List the key arguments and findings, describing how you think they apply to your topic, and what the implications of the findings may be for your Capstone Project.
  • Run your Draft Mini Literature Review through Safe Assign prior to your final submission.
  • This Assignment requires two submissions:
    • Submit to the Week 4/5 Discussion Board thread. Include your name and topic in your post title.
    • Submit to the Week 4 Assignment area.


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