Assignment-Clinical Case Study


  • Answer the questions for the clinical case below.
  • It is recommended to use tables and figures to support your answer.
  • Word limit 500-600 words (2-3 pages), excluding references list.
  • Avoid plagiarism by using adequate paraphrasing and citation.\


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Assignment-Clinical Case Study
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  • Use two references (book or journal paper).
  • Use proper intext citation and referencing.
  • The assignment should be submitted into blackboard and will be checked for plagiarism.


Use at least two references.

It is required to use APA reference format. Have a look at guidelines on how to Use it, check for instance here:

How to present

You may use ‘Trebuchet MS’ font style, size 12 and spacing to be 1.5 or double, titles to be 14. Tables and figures should have legends or titled.


Clinical case

G.F. is a 41-year-old woman who is referred by her family physician to an outpatient mental health clinic. She complains of feeling down and sad, with crying spells, trouble sleeping, increased eating, impaired concentration, and fatigue. She has not worked in over 2 months and has used up her vacation and sick leave from work.

The patient sought treatment for depression 3 months ago from her family physician, who prescribed mirtazapine. Her spirits have not improved, and she says the medication made her gain weight. Because of vague references that the physician believed could possibly indicate suicidal ideas, she has been referred for psychiatric evaluation.

Identify the signs and symptoms of depression in this patient.

What is the mechanism of action of her current antidepressant drug? (you can use figure)

Evaluate her current pharmacotherapy and suggested a rational alternative with justification of your choice.

Compare adverse effect profiles of three different antidepressant drugs (different classes). (you can use table)


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