Assignment Brief – Project Analytics

Task 1

This assignment counts for 40% of the total grade for this module. Maximum word count: 1,500 words

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Assignment Brief – Project Analytics
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Create a 20 minute narrated presentation ( PowerPoint presentation with voice over)  on a project of your choice from your organisation, or one you are familiar with. This assignment gives you an opportunity to develop and demonstrate skills in project management analytics. You will be able to apply theories and concepts learnt from this module to measuring project performance and providing recommendations for its improvement. The analysis will be based on the state of the art approaches to business analysis which specifically include:

  • Stakeholder management
  • Project value measurement
  • Efficient dashboard design

Your presentation must communicate project performance to an external stakeholder of your choice. It should not exceed 20 min in duration. It will include the following elements.

Question 1

Provide a brief description of the company background and project objectives.                        20 marks

Question 2

Analyse the project value from both the organisational and stakeholder point-of-view.   40 marks

Question 3

Discuss the project performance using a dashboard developed specifically for the stakeholder in question. Note: this may not be a generic one-fits-all dashboard. As discussed in the module, a corporate dashboard should have multiple facets each designed for a particular stakeholder or group of stakeholders.                                                                                                                       40 marks


Task 2

This assignment counts for 60% of the total grade for this module.

Create a 3,000 word report supporting your presentation on a project of your choice from your organisation, or one you are familiar with.

Your report must communicate project analytics to a company delivering the chosen project. It must include the following elements.

Question 1

Develop a hierarchical, but effective and efficient dashboard. This must include:

  • Identification of each stakeholder’s objectives in this project, as well as consideration of potential conflicts of interests amongst them
  • Identification of project metrics and KPIs, based on the project value measurements
  • Explanation of which metrics should be presentable to which specific stakeholders. Note: This should be consistent with element (3) of your presentation focusing one such stakeholder.
  • A variety of graphs generated using Excel. 33 marks

Question 2

Comprehensively analyse the project performance to date based on question 1.                                                                                                                                                                                                      33 marks

Question 3

Provide specific recommendations for improvement and lessons learned at both project and organisation’s levels.                                                                                                                      34 marks

You MUST underpin your analysis and evaluation of the key issues with appropriate and wide ranging academic research and ensure this is referenced using the AU Harvard system.

Assessment Criteria: Level 7

Level 7 is characterised by an expectation of students’ expertise in their specialism. Students are semi-autonomous, demonstrating independence in the negotiation of assessment tasks (including the major project) and the ability to evaluate, challenge, modify and develop theory and practice. Students are expected to demonstrate an ability to isolate and focus on the significant features of problems and to offer synthetic and coherent solutions, with some students producing original or innovative work in their specialism that is potentially worthy of publication by the University. A clear appreciation of ethical considerations (as appropriate) is also a prerequisite.
Grade Mark Blends Generic Assessment
Distinction 70%+ Excellent analysis of key issues and concepts/. Excellent development of conceptual structures and argument, making consistent use of scholarly conventions. Excellent research skills, independence of thought, an extremely high level of intellectual rigour and consistency, exceptional expressive / professional skills, and substantial creativity and originality. Excellent academic/intellectual skills. Work pushes the boundaries of the discipline and demonstrates an awareness of relevant ethical considerations. Work may be considered for publication by the university
Merit 60-69% Very good level of competence demonstrated. High level of theory application. Very good analysis of key issues and concepts. Development of conceptual structures and argument making consistent use of scholarly conventions. Some evidence of original thought and a general awareness of relevant ethical considerations
Pass 50-59% A satisfactory to good performance. Basic knowledge of key issues and concepts. Generally descriptive, with restricted analysis of existing scholarly material and little argument development. Use of scholarly conventions inconsistent. The work lacks original thought. Some awareness of relevant ethical considerations. Satisfactory professional skills (where appropriate).


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