Assignment brief – Assignment guidance Valerio Ficcadenti

Learning outcomes for the project:
1) Develop a research question or more than one with aims and objectives.
2) Compile a critical literature review on the topic, the methods and the results.
3) Present your methodology.
4) Synthesise research findings and make informed judgements in the light of these
5) Develop conclusions and make recommendations based on your findings

Project assignment overview:
100% – 5,000-Word Individual Written Research Project Report
(±10%, excluding cover page, references and appendices)
There is only one assessment for this module. The submission should be a comprehensive and detailed research work in line with the research proposal discussed during Lecture 9. The project should be an original work of the learner.

► The project should start with an introductive chapter where the research is contextualized. The research must be done with necessary incorporation of relevant literature which can be part of a second chapter or can be embedded in the introduction.
► The research should be clearly justified with literature and facts from the reality
► The methods adopted should be presented in a dedicated chapter. A clear stepwise explanation of the ways used to perform the research has to be presented. From the data collection methods to the measures for the analysis, everything needs to be detailed.
► The data used has to be explicitly connected with the research question. If secondary data is used, detailed references of the source need to be provided.
► The findings presented in a chapter devoted to the results have to be framed by using the conceptual frame identified in the literature review and other relevant works identified therein should be comprehensively and critically discussed.
► A conclusive section of the project should include reflections on the findings and should contain comments from the learner.

The project should comprise of following sections/chapters:
1) Introduction (~ 15 % of the words)
2) Literature Review (~ 20 % of the words)
3) The methodology of research, data presentation and data analysis (~ 25 % of the words)
4) Results (25% of the words)
5) Conclusion and recommendations (~ 15 % of the words)
6) Bibliography (As per LSBU Harvard Referencing Style – the words do not count to reach 5000)
7) Appendix (the words do not count to reach 5000)
Project Bibliography/References should be substantially distributed from a variety of sources like:
Corporate/industry/organizational websites, Web-repositories, e-books, printed books, academic journals, magazines, monographs, reports etc.
Project Submission Instructions:
You must submit your project assignment by summiting it to the dedicated link on Moodle. It is subjected to a plagiarism check via Turnitin. Assignments not available at the time of the deadline will be considered late unless an extension has been previously agreed with the Module Tutor.
To submit an electronic copy:
Click on the provided link in Moodle
Type your assignment name in the required field
Upload your assignment
Don’t forget to tick the confirmation box
Click on ‘add submission’
Marking Criteria:
Introduction to the research topic with research questions and objectives. – 10%
A critical review of the literature. The review of literature will be evaluated on the basis of breadth and depth of reporting, in terms of quality of the sources used and the critical ability of the student. – 15%
Research Methodology, including ethics and justification. Clear discussion of the choices from a methodological perspective. A clear description of the logical steps made. – 20 %
Data Analysis, Data presentation and Findings. Clear presentation of the result from the analysis described in the methodology section. The capacity of summarizing and presenting the data. Summary of the results in such a way they respond to the research questions – 30 %
Conclusion and recommendations. Clear response to the research questions using the findings. – 15%
Presentation of the whole work – Language, structure, format and citations references. – 10 %