Assessment Task : Game Report

Task Description:
Students are required to submit a report on a simple but unfair, two-player game. Students will be presented with the game design and three sets of game results of varying sample sizes (20, 50 and 100
repetitions). The report should detail the rules of the game, mathematically demonstrate why the game is unfair, and apply statistical analyses to the three data sets to determine whether the data set sample
sizes influence whether the game can be detected as being unfair.
The scientific report will include:
x An introduction which clearly defines the topic and elaborates upon its subcomponents using evidence-based materials where appropriate (25 marks).
x A methods section which includes an explanation of the game design and how the design examines game fairness. The methods must be detailed enough to be replicated and be written using passive voice: (15 marks).
x A results section presents the results of the experiment organised using text, tables and figures
as appropriate (30 marks).
x A discussion section which compares key findings of the results to scientific literature. It also includes a concluding paragraph which restates the collective findings and deductions: (20 marks)
x The ability to format, reference and write in academic style meeting communicative competence (see page 4) will also be assessed (10 marks total)

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Assessment Task : Game Report
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