Assessment 2: Research Report

3,000 words
 70%
 Due Date: Sunday 30
Assessment 2: Research Report
October @ 5:00 PM
All students are required to complete a Research Report for this unit. It is worth 70% of the final grade and is due in on
Sunday 30
October. This short document is intended to provide students with some guidelines for this piece of work.


Choose one key regional issue from List A below as the topic for your report and analyse this topic from the perspective of a
country from List B. Your report should provide a critical analysis of your chosen country’s interests, strategic goals and
stated policy in relation to the issue case study.

List A: Countries List B: Issue Case Studies
Australia 2016 US Presidential election *
China Asylum seekers and forced migration
India Climate change
Indonesia Energy security
Japan Japanese re-militarisation **
North Korea Nuclear weapons proliferation
South Korea Regional security multilateralism
Timor-Leste South China Sea dispute
United States Terrorism
Vietnam The “Beijing Consensus” and “One Belt, One Road” ***

* United States not available as a case study for this issue.
** Japan not available as a case study for this issue.
*** China not available as a case study for this issue.
Research and Writing

The primary aim of this assignment is to provide students the opportunity to explore an issue of interest to them in depth
and to sharpen their research and analytical skills. However, this does not mean that you should simply gather together all
the information you can find out about the topic and turn it in as a paper. The report should present a clear and informed
case that answers the question that you have devised using the research you have completed as the basis for the case you
are making. In this sense the report is much like any other; it will be rewarded for having:

a) a well thought out and coherent argument;
b) a good understanding of the broader topic;
c) a good structure and organization;
d) a fluent and sound writing style;
e) a properly presented formal style.

The crucial element of this report is research and the report is in essence an argument based on your research. This means
that students should ensure that reports show that they have:

 A capacity to research and use the relevant academic literature;
 Conducted appropriate primary research and have made analytical use of this material.

The precise balance of primary and secondary research will vary depending on the topic and the question; however, it is a
requirement that all reports have some primary research.

If you have any questions about this piece of assessment, plea

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